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Urodynamics is a diagnostic procedure that functions as a “stress test” for the bladder. UDS helps your urologist understand how your bladder is functioning. This procedure also helps to determine the interaction between your brain and the nerves and muscles involved in urination. It is a procedure that does not require sedation and takes about an hour to complete. Diagnostic accuracy is improved with this procedure, allowing your urologist to provide you with the most appropriate treatment plan. 


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Crystal Brickey

What should I be aware of prior to UDS testing?

  • Bring a family member to assist with transferring if necessary

  • Eating prior to testing is permitted

  • Continue taking normal medications

  • Stop detrol (oxybutynin), ditropan, sanctura, vesicare, oxytrol patches, enabelxx, toviaz and gelnique (oxybutynin gel) 5 days prior to testing

Please call if you have any questions regarding testing 

Additional Testing Expectations:

  • Urinate into a measuring device, such as a commode (women) or a urinal (men)

  • Small catheter placed to drain bladder and test urine

  • Urethral and rectal catheters are placed 

  • Bladder is artificially filled with sterile water

  • Explanation during entire procedure with opportunity for questions

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